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The Society for Phytolith Research was founded to create a forum and a point of reference for the fast growing community of phytolith researchers around the world.

Paleo Research Institute has a 35+ year history of working with archaeobotanic remains. We have the opportunity to work with many archaeologists and scientists around the world on projects.

This site presents the results of an extensive but not complete review of phytolitarian terms found in the literature.

The dynamics of non-industrial agriculture - 8,000 years of resilience and innovation

EARTH is a Scientific Programme of the European Science Foundation (Standing Committee for the Humanities). Its aim is to investigate the dynamics of non-industrial agriculture, based on a long-term perspective and a deep understanding of the social and cultural context.

Ce site a vocation de permettre les échanges d’infos, d’idées et d’outils dans la communauté des géoarchéologues.


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About Roots

Founded in 2006

The Research Team in Archaeo- and Palaeo- Sciences (ROOTS) is at the service of the professionals interested by the history of the interactions between Man and his environment. A special emphasis is put on soils and plants. Besides being concerned by promoting the applications of the natural sciences in patrimonial studies, ROOTS affords a set of integrated analyses which include archaeopedology (field, chemical and physical analyses, phosphorus mapping), micromorphology and archaeobotany (charcoal, pollen and phytoliths).

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    3 March 2009

    list limited to topics of possible interest for research in geo-, eco- and archaeopedology Geographically focussed on Europe, Chile, Easter Island

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